Gérez les membres de votre groupe en 3 clics !

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  • doneReminders (subscription, etc.)
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The reasons why Group Manager is exactly what you need:

  • Tasks Distribution:
    • Each member tells directly on the website whether or not he will be attending an event, saving you the need to contact each one individually.
    • You can divide the work by assigning events to the respective persons in charge.
    • The persons in chage of sections can directly manage their sections members events checkings

  • Personalization: Group Manager is adapting to your specific needs: you set your group sections and events types: concerts, rehearsals, but also the association meals, etc.

  • Simplified contact with members: Easily select the group or section members, and send them an email in two clicks! You also have quick access to all phone numbers without having to search your phone book or directory. You are sure not to leave anyone out!

  • Instant setup: You don't need to install anything. Group Manager is always available from a phone or a computer connected to the web.

  • Inbox driven: You are notified by email of your group activity (members registration, event attendance, resources add, etc.).

  • Secure Space: Your data are regularly backed up, and are not accessible by the other groups.

  • What about "disconnected" members? You can manage on your own members without an Internet access, by creating them an account directly.

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